We believe that every garment is a choice- and should be a purposeful one.

The way you shop is as important as the why you shop. Is it enough for you to buy a good product that would just serve your needs, or are the intangibles that enhance its value and make it unique as important to you?  

An IslaPayal artisanal product will-

  • honor traditional handicraft skills that have been passed down from generations, and are part of our world’s collective history
  • be handmade, and thus will empower the artisans financially, giving them dignity and respect
  • be sustainable, small-batch production, adding to its unique story (as opposed to mass-produced factory items)
  • be as much about the individual who makes the product- his family, his community- as about you
  • eventually improve the economic fabric of small communities half-way across the world, and be part of a collective good

At IslaPayal we care immensely about these individuals and respect their craft. We believe that these handicrafts should be protected from dying away, when faced with factory-made fast fashion. 

If you’re still reading this- we believe you care too!! Welcome to our world of everything artisanal.

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